Interactive Interludes
PoV is divided into twelve Chapters. It can be played all at once or over multiple sessions. Each movie Chapter ends with an Interactive Interlude. At this point you are asked a few fun, provocative Exit Poll questions. The questions are based upon the character and plot elements as well as on the central themes of the story - fantasy, perception, obsession, fear, and sexuality. These questions are designed to gauge your reactions to the story as it unfolds. The input is used to build a personality profile based on your own ideas, perceptions, predilections, and aversions. As a result, the behavior of the characters and the resulting story itself are modified. There are many alternate scene sequences and three distinctly different endings. Following the Exit Polling, the viewer gets to play the voyeur by snooping into the characters' personal effects, uncovering their personal secrets and gaining insight about their hidden agendas. This supplemental material is rich with relevant, interesting and often humorous content.

The Soundtrack
The music for PoV was composed and performed by Payton Rule & Jefreejon.
For more about these talented Vancouver musicians, please visit the Lost In Audio website.

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The Cast
Stephanie Von Pfetten as Jane
Chris Bradford as Frank
Paul Jarrett as P
Christopher Shyer as Edwards