TENDER LOVING CARE is a provocative, psychological thriller designed to take full advantage of the stunning capabilities of DVD technology, while lifting CD-ROM to new heights. Starring two-time Oscar-nominee John Hurt, and based on a novel by Andrew Neiderman (Devil’s Advocate),TLC provides all of the pleasures of a traditional motion picture while satisfying the voyeuristic and self-analytic interests engaged by its unique interactive elements. TLC is not like other so-called interactive movies; its design is unprecedented in that the viewer’s psyche is the invisible director of the tale, determining both character and plot development every step of the way. The possible alternative versions of the experience are virtually infinite.

You, the viewer, must help psychiatrist Doctor Turner (John Hurt) unveil the desperate triangle of power, lust, and deception formed by his beautiful, tragic patient, her dangerous husband, and the enigmatic, seductive psychotherapist who suddenly enters their lives. Your own psyche becomes the key to what happens on the screen. Your answers to Doctor Turner’s probing questions about the characters’ behavior, and about your own personal psychology, invisibly determine the course of action and outcome of the story. TLC is a sort of virtual biofeedback device that senses your desires, needs, and fears, and then shapes its story to reflect, and satisfy, your deepest cravings and terrors. You, too, become one of Doctor Turner’s patients. You can read your own developing personality profile after each Q&A session with the Doctor, and receive an extensive written psychological analysis at the end of the film.

TENDER LOVING CARE is an absolutely unique experience, combining high-end movie production with computer game-like interactivity for the first time. It’s also the very first title made just for DVD; it’s not a re-purposed movie you’ve seen before, or a ported-over computer game. TLC takes full advantage of DVD technology in a way no one else has even imagined before now. The Interactive Digital Media Association recently awarded TLC its top prize of BEST DVD TITLE.

more information can be found at the TLC Official Website